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Kristen Bell is an Unstable Bitch of the Day

I hate unstable bitches more than pretty much anything….I generally like people with no emotion…cuz just the idea of hysterical laughing or extreme joy or anger or sadness with the flip of a switch scares me…it is actual madness that makes a motherfucker worry whether he is gonna get stabbed or some shit…..so seeing Kristen Bell, a barely there actress admit that she is a nutcase who cries when happy or sad like a mad person…makes reminds me that actor’s are fucking pussies but more importantly that sometimes the middle aged girl I want to fuck is better to jerk off to…

So this clip of Kristen Bell admitting she is a nutcase and bringing footage of her freaking out when her boyfriend Dax Shepard brought her a Sloth for her birthday….isn’t funny to me…it is scary…and even more scary is that Dax Shepard has a girlfriend and actually gets laid by anyone who isn’t the drunk girl at the bar in her mid 30s who remembers him on Punk’d and whatever shit movie he was in….but a girl who is successful enough of an actor to land a real boyfriend…Weird….but further evidence of her instability…

Here she is in House of LIes all slutty

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  • ExpletiveBMP

    There are a lot of fucking insane people out there Hayzes, Fuck, I’m a bit off meself—the difference between me and folks like this Kristen Bell, is that I’m mortified of losing control, so I’m always re-evaluating what I do, looking for the spots where the weirdness bled through, and folks like her, just probably goes with whatever mood she’s in, or whatever the troll fairy whispers in her ear whenever she’s taking cock up the ass.