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Nicole Scherzinger’s Whitney Houston Tribute Cuz She’s a Cunt of the DAy

I don’t think Nicole Scherzinger could be a bigger cunt….I’ve seen her on that American Idol the Next Generation shit and she’d judge kids like she was god to fucking music….like she wasn’t just a tight bodied dancer with the ability to sing a little…used to carry the pussycat dolls to being more than just a vegas show….she came with serious fucking arrogance and ego that was beyond ugly….way uglier than her hard face….and now she’s gone to jump on the Whitney Memorial bandwagon…thanking Whitney for inspiring her to sing and have this lucrative and legendary career……it’s funny…

Here are the pictures of her pantsless at the same concert….cuz as big of a cunt as she is…she’s still got a rockin body…

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