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Selena Gomez Superhero Dress of the Day

The nerds and fan boys are gonna love this shit…

Not sure what her superpower is – but assume it’s sex offending…She’s good at that and always gets off…if you know what I mean…and that is that she’s never been arrested for banging a 16 year old….when I know people who have been for just propositioning 16 year olds on the internet….which makes me wonder if the law gives celebs preferential treatment or if her relationship with Bieber is fake, staged and designed to help both their careers get press….which then makes me wonder why the fuck am I debating Selena Gomez and Bieber’s sex life…I’m a grown man and this is just weird….but then I remember that she’s dressed like a superhero….

Thanks for being on this journey with me…

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