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Nicole Richie Breast Implant for Flare Magazine of the Day

So some Canadian Fashion magazine that is likely owned by the company that owns Nicole Richie’s clothing line…whether explicitly owned by them…or just good advertisers in the shit….decided to put journalistic integrity aside and run an advertorial featuring Nicole Richie….cuz I know even the lowest level magazine from the lowest level country wouldn’t bother with this cunt…so it’s gotta be paid for…you know market her as a fashion icon, sell her clothes, make everyone happy but me cuz I’ve met her and know she’s a spoiled brat who is substantially less interesting than the level of interesting you probably already think she’s at….but you know since she got fake tits….and fake tits are awesome to jerk off on….cuz they retain their shape in all positions….unlike their natural breast counterpart….especially when their natural breast counterpart was sloppy and all nipple like Nicole…..they deserve to be celebrated…even on the worst fucking human being alive….

Here’s the photoshoot video if you care……and I hope you don’t….

Canada must be desperate…

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