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Katy Perry Brings Her Ass Cheeks Out in Public of the Day

So I don’t have the rights to show you the picture of Katy Perry in this ill advised granny panty under a see through dress outfit that I can only assume she came up with herself…since she has the worst fucking style imaginable…..but based on her sloppy from the waist down body…..she’s gotta Kim Kardashian the shit and hide it, strap it down, with all her fucking power….not flaunt it as a billboard explaining why Russell Brand divorced her..I mean there is only so much sloppy ass a dude can take before he has to divorce a bitch….but since this is Katy Perry we’re talking about….it is safe to assume there is so much more depth to why a man would leave her…from her being a talentless cunt who probably thinks she has talent…to her annoying voice….to her bad skin…she’s just not marriage materian unless you’re a K-Fed…but even K-Fed got himself Britney….a leaps and bounds above this trash in terms of pretty much everything…

Katy Perry is a hack….Let’s hope someone pranked her with this….and Here’s the seriously ill-advised outfit that clearly her ass has no business wearing….


Here are the rest of her Interview Photoshoot…That I previously posted…..I hate to admit she looks better than she’s ever looked….but that could just be my Amy Winehouse Dead or Alive fetish talking…

Here’s some nipple tassles on a back up model – you know to make this scene seem more authentic…

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  • Really Katy…granny panties?

  • roscoe

    some sort of spanks thing going on there

  • Frothy Afterbirth

    Granny panties are fine by me, as long as it shows the vaginal triangle to look plump.