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Charlize Theron Hot for Tatler Magazine Russia April 2012 of the Day

I’ve been jerking off to Charlize Theron long before she adopted a baby cuz her uterus was broken, or more importantly, cuz she’s vain and doesn’t want to ravage her cunt to have an annoying thing brought in the world that shares your DNA….thus making you responsible for every fucked up thing it does….when it is adopted you can just justify all the disappointment with “He’s adopted”….it works out better for your ego than these ego centric people who reproduce to have mini versions of them….reproduction is totally arrogant…

Now Charlize Theron, from South Africa’s high aids rate belt, with a mother who killed her father for being abusive and who thus doesn’t know how to be abused, one downfall in her model turned Playboy model, turned famous actor, going back to her magazine roots and looks good doing it….even if the low grade Russian version of Tatler….a magazine I wrongfully thought was a porn mag….

I approve of this message:


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  • http://twitter.com/madammeow MadamMeow

    I’m holding out hope she will go do some actual foreign porn soon.  She’s a new mom, and new mom’s need attention.  A lot.  Even if she didn’t actually birth the fucker.

    Or maybe she did.  Who is to say she did not shove that thing up her canals so that she could birth that child herself.  Anything is possible.

  • Taktu

    Disgusting race traitor, adopted a pet monkey to be in Hollyweird’s newest trend.