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Lauren Conrad Topless in Glamour of the Day

Lauren Conrad is a useless reality star from a few years ago and has since done pretty much nothing…..and when you’re a useless reality star…..from one of the worst fucking shows to ever be on TV…..you have limited options of what you can and can’t do for exposure, attention or to get noticed…because you still have that itch of having people watching and talking about you that you need to get scratched…..

Sure, there’s porn, sex tape and playboy, which are the obvious options for someone who has ran out of money, but Lauren Conrad’s not there yet, so she hasn’t got that desperate yet, and luckily there’s always Glamour, other fringe magazines that consist of low grade commentary or articles…and shitty photoshoots….that are willing to do a photoshoot with her…probably cuz she’s advertising some shitty product she’s a spokesperson and insisted this be part of the deal…..and so here she is, topless, showing tits you didn’t know she had cuz you don’t know who she is…..and that’s real fucking life changing….isn’t it.

I approve of this message:


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  1. Katherine Ford says:

    Lauren Conrad’s series, “The Hills” followed her through design school.

    She moved to NYC and is a successful designer with her own lines of clothing in several markets. She has a repected and lucrative career in the field she planned before the series asked to film her school days.

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