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Alessandra Ambrosio’s Pregnancy Photoshoot of the Day

I don’t know who the fuck thought this was a good idea….This is the precise way I don’t want to see a super model…fully clothed….and pregnant…

Seriously, save that shit for the ready to drop fetishists, for the rest of us who want to jerk off to her bikini pics when she bounces back from her pregnancy and hops back into a bikini, her vagina a little more ruined, her body still fit cuz that’s her job, we can cancel out the pregnancies….but when she goes out and does shit like this….it scars us….it becomes etched into our brains….this hot model has baggage…damage…and shit can run great half naked pics….but I guess she’s lucky cuz she could pump out a dozen kids and her vagina could hang to her knees….all uterus exposed from the abuse….and we’d still be into her half naked pics….because guys are perverts and we like half nakedness….always…under all circumstances.

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