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Anastasia Ashley Hot Surfer Ass in a Bikini Covered in Sand of the Day

Anastasia Ashley is a hot surfer chick who I’d love to watch surfing on my wave….of belly fat while she’s trying to find my penis…something I’ve seen countless girls do…but none were ever pro surfers…

Unfortunately she doesn’t answer me when I write comments on her facebook page…or to her twitter…she gets on all the hot Athlete lists, probably has some lame surfer boyfriend she thinks is cool cuz he teaches her moves, you know like girl skaters do with skaters….I heard the Avril Lavigne song, I know how these action sports people work…

Luckily, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows how to hack emails, websites and whatever the fuck else, that will get him arrested, but that gets me hot pics of hot asses on private beaches surfing…She’s fit, I want to chip a tooth on her booty muscle while running away from sharks….cuz no one wants to lose an arm to those fuckers like JESUS LOVING WHICH DID HER A LOT OF GOOD BETHANY HAMILTON …it makes giving double handjobs impossible….

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