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Jennifer Aniston’s Big Old Maid Cleavage at some Event of the Day

Jennifer Aniston’s 45 year old, probably menopausal tits still look awesome, I guess that’s what surgery, good bras, and/or not having babies destroy your pussy, do to you…..unfortunately for her, tits aren’t enough for a motherfucker to stick around….even her hot body isn’t enough for a motherfucker to stick around….cuz hot tits come in a whole assortment of shapes, sizes and women who aren’t fucking snob, cunt, high maintenance divas who dont get that being a show like Friends was just lucky and its success, even though it made her 100s of millions, had nothing to do with her hard fucking nipples….there’s just something about her face I want to fucking punch, but luckily….who needs to look at her fucking face…when in dresses like this.


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  • Anonymous

    It is amazing the number of guys she has had between her legs and gums that she still looks as good as she does.  She is the poster women for using sex to get to the top. 

  • Mjpsab

    I’d still give her one, or two or??????

  • kiddo69

    This lady needs to take some roles where she gets nude, not just as a tease.. Look what it did for Halle Berry. Then watch the media and the public fall all over her instead of making fun of her because she comes across as very prudish – can’t believes she’s too shy especially because she has such a great body

  • Anonymous

    She has gotten nude for half of Hollywood but for one or two guys at a time.