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Megan Fox Pregnant Bikini Pics of the Day

Here is a cash grab photoshoot if I’ve ever seen one of Megan Fox and her captor pretending to be so happy in love when the only real happy person is David from 90210 because his brain washing worked and his sperm stuck to her uterus….You see cuz I know when she was at her peak and he was jealous he didn’t matter he told her at least once that he was into her before the rest of the world and she owed it to him while locked in the cage in the basement….

I don’t find pregnant chicks hot, they are disgusting and the only good thing about them is that you can fuck them raw dog and cum inside them without worrying about knocking them up…….

I just think it is tragic that she never did any nude scenes before ruining her vagina and pretty much the rest of her, cuz things will never be the same again….she’s got a small window of opportunity before it is too late…even though it is probably too late…

The good news is there are tons of hot girls, she is replaceable…goodbye Megan Fox and your pretty shallow, shitty career….


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  • Stunt Cock

    she was way hotter with her old face, and not pregnant.  Dam shame she’s spitting out a demon this young.  Her nipples and tits and stomach will never be the same again. 

  • kendall creighton

    Coulda had any guy in the world, & she chose this stocky, trailer-trash, divorced loser ?