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Paris Hilton Horrible Panty Flash of the Day

So the story goes like this…Fat paparazzi snapped off a pic of Paris Hilton walking down stairs in a short tight dress….and her entourage decided to play hero and attack the dude…cuz I guess she was having a herpes outbreak and didn’t want it seen, or maybe she forgot she only has this public figure cuz of a fucking sex tape….a sex tape with penetration…and blowjobs…that lead to many more pussy flashes….and panty flashes…but I guess she’s cleaning up her useless, washed up image, in hopes of being more like a Kardashian…cuz being the clown version of a Kardashian, outplayed by the Kardashians at her own game…is both humilating for her….and amazing for the rest of us as we point and laugh at her…

The real tragedy was that she wasn’t killed in the fight….and either was Brandon Davis: Cokehead Billioniare…

I can’t post the panty pic, but I can post a link to it, cuz the paparazzi fucking hate me….


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  1. scallywag says:

    For what it’s worth, Parasite only wanted to have a quiet night out, so when she set out with 45 body guards to buy a popsicle down the street some mean fat paparazzo came out of no where and tried to take naughty pictures of her in her hot sticky wet clinging slut dress, that’s of course when bixch got real mad…

  2. Merlinslover says:

    There is SERIOUSLY no cushion there for the pushin–I mean that would HURT to enter.BLAH.

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