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Ashley Tisdale Shitty Bikini Pic for Twitter of the Day

Ashley Tisdale Ugly Face in a Bikini For Twitter

20 Minutes ago….a miracle that isn’t a miracle at all occured….Ashley Tisdale posted a picture of her in a bikini top on Instagram and thousands of people “Liked” it….thne she deleted it…..

But thousands of people care about her and her posting bikini top pictures that she deemed ugly…because they focus more on her broken down face and less on her fit body and tits…even though that is what matter…and all it took for these 1000s of people to like her shit…was being cast on some shitty show 5 years ago…only to do nothing since…making her relevant according to society…and don’t really care, and I’m not gonna hate, cuz I always encourage physically and mentally disabled people…whether they are born that way or a product of a horrible nose job….to get out there and do something….I am a hero like that…

THen she posted this pic…where she doesn’t look like her busted self…while hanging with other girls I’d totally fuck…Instagram magic I guess….

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