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Demi Lovato Shows Panty to Hide her Thick Legs of the Day

I don’t really remember anything about Demi Lovato before her breakdown that was being marketed as her being manic depressive or bi-polar, which is really just what I like to call a solid clinical excuse for bad behavior, you know a get out of jail card for being a drug addicted spoiled brat whore who gets into trouble with the law when crying for attention cuz her stage mom fucked her up the ass and ruined her fucking childhood. It is also a solid excuse for gaining weight, you know, blame your meds, and the whole thing is not as entertaining as it should be, because all she’d doing is flashing some panty on stage, when I prefer my bi polar bitches pulling vagina puppet shows at church…you know if you’re gonna pull the crazy card…be fucking crazy…

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  • Travis

    Yikes, what a beast…