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Kate Upton Totally Naked for Contributor Magazine of the Day

Kate Upton is a fat chick in training. She has a shitty ass, but not in the traditional sense of a shitty ass, because there is no shit needed to be wiped off her ass, like an anal sex fail that ruined your bed sheets, it is just that, her shit has no shape to it, and the reason is simple, she is destined to be obese…any 18 year old with DDs and who is thin, just hasn’t fully developed, so she is milking it and the public is eating it up cuz they want to milk her, and I may be too much of a downer or realist, but I guess I should just get on the Kate Upton train and stop complaining, cuz she’s going no where for a while, it’ll take at least 10 years before she Anna Nicole Smiths….and let’s face it I’ve fucked worse…and will continue to fuck worse…

UPDATE – Here’s the Video….and she’s Amazing…

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  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    She looks like she enjoys fucking quite a few guys. Is that jism in her hair? Yes, I believe it is….

  • Travis

    She only fucks black guys so I hear…