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Tamara Ecclestone 2013 Calendar Preview of the Day

I am starting to think people in the UK do not have smart phones or computers…

Here are 4 pics – there’s at least 8 more out there…of Tamara Ecclestone…some daughter of a billionaire who manages to be a huge fucking pile of trash…in how she looks, dresses and behaves in tacky, cheap, garbage pictures….making me think maybe daddy was too busy making money to give her hugs and love….cuz why would someone try to leave their mark like this…if they didn’t have to….in cheap masturbation fodder for blue collar mechanics in the shop….cuz no one else uses bikinis…I mean shit, her dad is a fucking billionaire…couldn’t she have taken a couple thousand dollars and made an app or something….fuck….I hate these cunts who waste opportunities by following the stripper’s lead….it makes no sense…go to Harvard, get a degree, save the world, cure MS or AIDS or Herpes….instead of smearing said herpes on the pages of a 2013 calandar…

Garbage….but I’d still K-Fed her.

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