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Blake Lively is Pantsless for Allure October of the Day

Hey remember when Blake Lively got married to Ryan Reynolds in a secret wedding in North Carolina the other day…..it was awesome….everyone is talking about it….so it must be important….even though neither Blake Lively or Ryan Reynolds give a fuck about us…they don’t even know us by name…let alone get involved in who we are fucking….but for some reason we care about them…like they fucking matter….even though they really fucking don’t….I assume there is a PR company behind this story somewhere…covering up something….putting her out there pantsless for Allure for a reason….a reason I can only assume is to give me something to look at…..

Here are the pics…of her posing with a lamb and children….I wonder if she is Jesus…and whether this is a religious experience…

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  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Yes, she is Jesus. A sex jesus that is.

  • Lisa V

    Just to let you know, they got married at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (not North Carolina). It’s right outside of Charleston.

  • me

    She is so boring