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Kim Kardashian is the Devil in Nuts of the Day

Kim Kardashian may be a disgusting human and you may hate her and all she represents, but I’ve cleansed my soul and realized that hatred, especially those we don’t know, is not healthy, productive or worth our energy….and instead we should embrace all that everyone has to offer and pretend those who annoy us don’t exist, cuz when you do, you realize it’s as if they don’t exist….a fantastic exercise to practice when dealing with Kim Kardashian….

But the truth is her and her team are good at marketing, they make money that you can’t fathom in the most simple of ways, she packages herself properly, she knows how to work a camera, she knows how to make her dumpy body look erotic and curvy, she knows how to do porn without America caring, you know getting them to sympathize with her as if she’s the victim, she plays her social media strategically, her relationships strategically, and it works cuz the American public are retards…..

So you can’t blame her, you can only blame yourself and I suggest you do while staring at her massive pornstar tits….


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  • shitdick

    she’s rich because of ass hats like you posting about her worthless fat nagger cock sucking ass every single god dam fucking day for the last 3 years. No one likes this nasty pig.

  • Travis

    This magazine should be called Plus since the word is used 4 goddamn times on the cover(the editor needs a thesaurus)PLUS they feature plus-sized Kim Lardashian on the cover as well.

    Rubbish, the lot of it…