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Adrianne Curry’s Ass in a Thong of the Day

Adrianne Curry is doing her COSPLAY nerd hustle for her twitter followers…because she’s never been in a Sci/Fi movie or TV show and has nothing to do with this nerd shit, she’s just realized that this is the fucking internet…and the internet is dominated by virgin loser trash…and virgin loser trash is loyal and follow you til the end of time in some weird OCD shit that makes me uncomfortable…

I hate virgin loser comic book collecting socially awkward nerds….even though every last one of you is probably onr…cuz cool people don’t care about this shit….but I’ll continue to pretend you are a sexy model who loves my dick jokes….and wants to unmask me with your pussy lips….

Even if I’d be a very rich man is I accepted you for who you are…like Adrianne Curry does…

Either way, interesting pic, even if she’s the fucking devil who I hate for taking advantage of you…but more importantly…for existing.

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