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Heidi Montag is a Stripper of the Day

Heidi Montag is doing what she is meant to be doing…or at least dabbling with what she is meant to dabble in….as a bitch who bought herself G-Cup tits with a face of a ragged retired pornstar…there was really only one direction for her career to take…and that was to the pole…..

I figured there woulda been more college party hosting, and maybe other events that pay her to appear…but she fell off fast…

Now, Crazy Horse is paying her 25,000 dollars to appear, which is more than she deserves, I woulda expected her to get 50 bucks and the door….or some shit..but I guess she’s still high enough profile…but the only issue is she’s not getting naked….but she will…give it time…she’s not even 30 yet…but already rock bottom…so much to come like overdose and porn….and I’m pretty ready for it.

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  • timmy

    strippers are the best….even when they are garbage recycled shit