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Miranda Kerr Amazing for Vogue Italia of the Day

I am a fan of Miranda Kerr….even if she’s not the best their ever was…she’s marketed as though she is and that’s good enough for me…seeing as I believe everything I read, hear, see and am fed or told by the higher powers who control the media…I like them to make decisions for me…..and really based on these topless pics for Vogue, although strategic and not topless at all…all wigged out like a cancer patient…. how could they be wrong…

Here’s the video….

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  1. ExpletiveBMP says:

    some one needs to cum in her and get her pregnant. this broad’s too small for her own good. sure, you can say fat people die of fat born diseases, but thick bitches never die. tell this fucking scrawny shit bag to put on some pounds. what is she bulimic or homeless in need of a sandwich?

  2. Fred Jones says:

    She has no tits! She looks like a young boy.

    Paging Sandusky.

  3. whogives ashit? says:

    wow, expletiveBMP you really know how to talk about women. So what your saying is that skinny women deserve to be fucked until they get fat? you my friend are an idiot. Women are allowed to be skinny or fat. No one should have to suffer being fucked or made pregnant by you or anyone else.

  4. rayray says:

    I believe she’s already had a baby with Orlando Bloom. @ least I’m pretty sure she did.

  5. ironlad 57 says:

    I want to have her babies

  6. Helen says:

    Miranda is married to a handsome dude Oraldo Bloom, an actor. She is a mother. Her son was 9lbs at birth- huge boy! He is over a year old. Back off.

  7. Carolyn says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that blonde wig looks horrible??

  8. cowbulls says:

    There are thousands of better pictures of her. Why pick these crappy ones?

  9. Rosarch says:

    Seriously, back off of Miranda.

  10. Travis says:

    Miranda Kerr is ugly & overrated.

  11. olive says:

    Am I the only one who is bothered by the improper use of “their”? It’s glaring at me.

  12. sarah says:

    olive, yeah I saw it too, and it annoys me more than that awful blonde wig.

  13. XYZ says:

    Overrated anorexic plain Jane

  14. XYZ says:

    and btw, she is nothing but Orlando’s “beard”…. U got the picture….

  15. XYZ says:

    “Women are allowed to be skinny or fat.”

    Except for the fact when they are top/models, 99% of them being anorexic and any idiot knows that….

  16. XYZ says:

    I mean being forced to be anorexic….

  17. XYZ says:

    “Her son was 9lbs at birth- huge boy! He is over a year old. Back off.”

    Yes, idiot, she has a baby boy whom she uses mostly as an accessory…..

  18. Depressed Gent says:

    If Terry Richardson had taken these pics, half of them would be him pounding her in the ass or violating her in some other way.

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