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Pink is Manly in Shape of the Day

I am still not convinced Pink has a vagina….and I am not just saying that cuz she is fit because I love fit girls….I am sayin that cuz I am pretty sure I can see her balls…

Highlight of this clip s when she says she is gonna light herself on fire….cuz she knows both her and her music offends….and sexually confuses her tranny loving fans…who actually openly admit they thinks she’s hot…when they should be ashamed of that….really really really ashamed….because even if you are into trannies…they should be better than this….and as much as I love the color pink on vagina…I don’t like it associated with clowns like this…but here are the pics anyway…

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  • Rick Hatman

    Here’s the thing about P!nk. She spreads the word to girls of all ages that they don’t need to be “traditionally” attractive to be proud of themselves and have self worth. And that’s just awful.