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Candice Accola for Fault Magazine of the Day

Candice Accola is some Texas raised in Florida…a lovely state I just rolled through and experienced all the obesity and trash in…She’s from the upper white class cuz her dad is a doctor and her mom is a homemaker and they are active in the Republican Party….like good white Americans are….not that I know or care about white bread, or corrupt governments, but I do appreciate when their good little well bred, nicely raised baby girl, is out being naughty in magazines…in a “you’re not the boss of me dad. This is my life, my career” rebellion that turns me on….

Sure she’s not doing it as well as CLAUDIA ROMANI is doing it for Obama in Miami….where we aren’t sure she is legal to vote or not…as that’s kinda what happens when you’re hispanic in Miami….lots of question marks….except when it comes to staring at nice round ass…

If you don’t know her, she’s on some show called Vampire Diaries, and released an album in 2006…that no one ever heard….but they don’t need to cuz she’s a babe – and that’s all that matters…

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