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Lady Gaga Dressed Pretty Topless of the Day

Lady Gaga did Halloween relatively topless in a stupid fucking costume…even though every day is halloween…where she dresses up like a bullshit artist who claims to be an actual artist…when really she’s just a puppet being told what the fuck to do by a team of marketing execs…and the whole thing is fucking boring, disgusting, repetitive and not at all intriguing…and the only thing that really fascinates me about her is when dudes tell me they want to have sex with her…..weird.

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  1. Mr. BIG DAVE MIKE says:

    I “DIG” women in Lingerie, Heaven-Yeah!

  2. drunkenstepfather says:

    guy who wrote this post-drunken stepfather-injured his neck trying to suck hiw os d*ck

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