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Bernice Marlohe Esquire Mexico November 2012 of the Day

Relatively unknown in America before being the babe in the newest BOND film, Bernice Marlohe, who I am sure has nude pics somewhere out there, cuz she’s from France, and French girls are into being naked, and having anal sex on the first date, but that I am too lazy to google, is in Esquire Mexico, representing for my mother country, who along with drug cartels and all inclusive resorts, also have a massive, first world city, with first world problems, and first world magazines translated to their first world language, for their first world citizens, that feature European babes named Bernice Marlohe from Skyfall…in their lingerie….Mexico only let me down when I was living in that orphanage when I was 5….and that one time I got food poisoned from bad tacos….but today Mexico makes me proud…

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