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The Best Picture of Britney Spears You Will See Today of the Day

I don’t watch the X-Factor…so as far as I’m concerned Britney is still the crazy fat slob shaving her head and flashing her cunt…breaking out of her cage/bear trap that her handlers had her in…by getting knocked up by a genius opportunist’s sperm….because this medicated, controlled, Britney is just depressing….so I ignore she exists…but that was until today…when this hard nipple pic dropped in my inbox…cuz a hard nippled mom…no matter what her mental illness or depressing life may be…is still a tit worth looking at….

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  1. Marie-Eve says:

    She’s doing SO good on X-Factor, I’m not even kidding, it totally changed my view of her

  2. roscoe says:

    That’s one hot 50 year old!

  3. Rosarch says:

    She fucking sucks and she looks like shit.

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