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Judge Judy in a Bikini of the Day

I don’t know what is worse…Judge Judy in a bikini…or the fact that I am masturbating to it…

This is from a recent appearance of Judge Judy on Katie Couric’s show…but it doesn’t matter why it happened…it just matters that it happened….

I would love to rub that dried up, loosed skin, menopause all over my face…but maybe that’s just cuz she annoys me so much on TV…with her attitude…that I want to punish her with a fine in the form of my genitals….

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  1. ExpletiveBMP says:

    would you look at that hayzeus, and she’s so adorable to. i’ll take it.

  2. fancydress says:

    She looks amazing.

  3. Travis says:


  4. Dd says:

    She’s 70 years old!!! Damn!!! I hope my body looks like that when I’m her age.

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