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Kendall Jenner Panstless for Miss Vogue Australia of the Day

Kendall Jenner may be under 18 still…but I figure the real crime in posting these pics of her…that I am kinda uncomfortable posting are the responsibility of Miss Vogue Australia for taking them…you know anyone who gets tweens half naked…despite it being legal…is pushing the limit a little more than I like…it’s this grey area that makes me feel uncomfortable…even if the 17 year old wants to be famous…or if her mom and sisters are pushing her into this…and even if she looks better than the rest of her family…and is going to end up being hot…but yet I am still compelled to post it…cuz Ryan Seacrest and the Kardashian team have me as brain washed as they have the rest of America…and I hate them for that….

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