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Kamila Mackowiak Modeling Sleepwear of the Day

Kamila Mackowiak is some Playboy looking chick who has been in Playboy Poland…which I hear they print on recycled tires…and in public bathroom walls…cuz that’s just the kind of budget they have….

I guess she’s got big dreams of being in Playboy Germany, and Playboy Mexico and one day…if she’s lucky…making an appearance in actual Playboy….

Playboy….a magazine that is so starved for content…any webcam girl or girl willing to show her tits is now a model to keep their members happy…in some glorified stripper shit….that used to be prestigious to be a part of…where the girls were actually quality…now they are just gutter…and Playboy Poland is their fucking armpit…

But that said, this Kamila Mackowiak, with her fake tits and fake hair, fake tan and fake lips bring the sleepwear….sleepwear girls I get with never actually wear….unless it is valentines day and they are trying to be adventurous….because for the most part…it’s just fucking sweatpants and sleep apnea in my bed….making me think clothes like this are just fucking mocking me….here are the pics.

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  • stefan

    prettier than a lot of the girls in the american playboy. Post the pictorial i can google it myself but im too lazy for that.