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Ashley Tisdale Gives Me Boners on Social Media of the Day

I usually hate on Ashley Tisdale but the world is too beautiful of a place to fill it with hate…there is always so much negativity that we might as well celebrate the good and not the bad…and ultimately..why bother shitting on people…especially those with vaginas…just because they have an awkward face….you see cuz they still have tits, legs, pussy, asshole and mouth to fuck…they still have armpits, hands and feet to fuck…and they probably are more enthusiastic about it than the average vagina…cuz they feel ugly all the time…since their face…is kinda ugly…but maybe I’m just saying that cuz she’s posing in a way that works her flaws, hides her flaws and lets me focus on her assets…duck face that ho…and everything works out….at least for Ashley Tisdale…cuz this pic is erotic.

Here are some pics of her modeling for some magazine called Jezebel this past month…just because I support her comeback tour…

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