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Lauren Cohan 2004 Lingerie Shoot of the Day

I didn’t do the background research on these pics…I am not too into being an investigative journalist, but prefer just posting other people’s contents and writing shit no one reads about them…It is the life of a fucking hack…and the good news is that I am even more pathetic in person…

That said, her name is Lauren Cohan, she’s 30 and on The Walking Dead…it has probably taken her a long fucking time to get this legitimate role, and in that quest…she took on some lingerie modeling jobs,..and with the internet…nothing dies…it lives forever…and we can jerk off to her half naked at 22….

Works for me…the only real question mark is who the fuck found this and where did they find it…I keep thinking it was in his catalog collection he keeps in his business…featuring underwear catalogs from the last 30 years…because this is some weird shit to compile…

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