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Hayden Panettiere Busts Out Her Bikini for Esquire of the Day

When you get breast implants, you gotta show them fuckers off, it’s like something you’ve been insecure about all these years, you know cuz of your broad shoulders and how your A-cup tits didn’t balance you out….is all of a sudden thrown out the fucking window….because you got implants…something tht makes you want to dance, celebrate, and throw a fucking party for…in the form of making everyone you know feel how real they are….because like a new car…they aren’t actually part of you…but just an accessory that make you feel like a more sexual object…

I’ve seen girl with implants so many times before, and they are the first to get into bikinis to show them off….so these Esquire pics make sense….but they’d be more fun if she was juggling or doing some other circus act she looks naturally born for….but maybe I’m too demanding…my expectations too high…

Here are the pics…

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  • roscoe

    needs more ass

  • cowbulls

    She has plenty of ass, the problem is those short legs make her very limited sexually.