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Sophie Lie is Still Modeling Naked of the Day

Sophie Lie is some tall, relatively hot model, who tried the low level celebrity groupie sex route to become a household name, before realizing that no one cares about Josh Hartnett, he existed for a minute…and that minute was a few hours ago, if you know what I mean…

Funny thing is that I have a Josh Hartnett story from a few years ago, when he was filming a movie in Montreal, a girl I know went on a date with him, and all he was talking about for over an hour was his hair and whether she liked it better now than in a previous movie….sounds like he’s lots of fun to hang with…

So now that she’s broken up with him, I guess she’s on the only mission she knows how to get noticed, since plan one, dating someone who was in movies didn’t work, and she didn’t get knocked up, so now it’s down to getting naked…and guess what…I’m noticing…cuz naked girls are the best….

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