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Ke$ha Looking Her Best for her New Album of the Day

Ke$ha may be disgusting, and not cuz she sings inappropriately timed songs called “DIE YOUNG”…cuz you see there was a mass shooting in Newtown and 20 kids died…and that means we can’t use the word die, or shoot, or anything of the sort…you even have to make Miss America win Miss Universe despite being a monster…cuz if you don’t it means the terrorists have won….she is disgusting because she has a weird face and body and her bad music and bad dancing…that doesn’t deserve to be famous…but is famous thanks to Katy Perry’s proper use of her tits….but for some reason..a reason I call major production in a photoshoot…she almost looks erotic in these pics…and as someone who likes mysteries….especially murder mysteries…when the person murdered fucking sucks….so I figured I needed to share this with you….cuz it’s confusing me…and I need your support…I should, under any and all circumstances, hate Ke$ha and never contemplate sex with her….

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  • Travis

    That is one ugly dude…