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Sophie Turner Fat Ass in a Bikini for Twitter of the Day

With all the legal threats I get from the paparazzi agencies for linking to their pics that they have horrible management of….even though there are 1000 sites posting their pics they have horrible management of….cuz like the porn industry and music industry…they’ve had a hard time adapting to bloggers writing about things they find on the internet that they find funny, pathetic or hot titty in a bikini….not to mention adapting to social media where the celebs and models are posting pics of themselves in bikinis and looking hot….making the paparazzi virtually a useless, evil entity that Bieber has every right killing…

I should hire this Sophie Turner, straight from Australia, moved to LA to become a famous model, but instead ended up like Joanna Krupa, pre-Reality TV, you know low level and forced to go back and finish her Law Degree…but at least she’s got a camera phone and a twitter account….am I right? Cuz I like her in a bikini, but not enough to want her to be famous enough for the evil paparazzi to follow her around…it will feed her ego…while this sense of failure and giving up is a better look….inadequacy always leads to good things…

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