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Ellen Creeps on Jennifer Aniston of the Day

The people’s choice awards were last night and I wasn’t invited because the mainstream media forgets how relevant I am….

I refused to watch the shit, cuz the idea of celebrities being celebrated by each other is disgusting….I did however go through some of the pics, none of them were exciting….

I think it is safe to say that the highlight of the night was when PERVERT LESBIAN ELLEN was caught staring at washed up Jennifer Aniston’s nipples…..even though both aren’t hot, and the idea of them fucking isn’t hot, it just brings up some real lesbian issues….like that they are allowed in public washrooms and gym changing rooms to gawk at girls naked….like they were dudes…only unlike dudes…they are allowed…in what is the biggest double standards in creepin’ and perversion…that kinda makes me wanna get a sex change to voyeur properly…I figure my penis is already an Inny and I have tits…I’m just a little body hair away and some spandex outfit away from pulling this off..

I am a genius. Ellen is a sex offender pervert. We all will survive.


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  • e.

    I love how these feminist left wing dykes or any left winger for that matter can stare at a girls tits but when Brent Mustberger comments on a beautiful girl he is ripped apart by the media! This country has really turned into a piece of crap the past 10 years and under the last 4 years it has just gone insane! Please al qadea take care of some of the trash for us!