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Nicole Scherzinger Promo Shots of the Day

Nicole Scherzinger gets a lot of hate for being a man…and I figure if she looks like this…with a rockin body and fake tits…as long as she keeps the duct tape on….and a pair of leather supportive panties….who can be the fucking wiser….you know there comes a time in every man’s life where they say….”will fucking this tranny make me gay” and the answer is…no man…if you think she’s a girl…and convince yourself she’s a girl just take the fucking blowjob and pretend she’s not jerking off at the same time….cuz they say people with dicks know all the right moves when it comes to dicks….thanks to years of playing with their own dicks..

This is some weird promo shots for a song she’s put out…and I have no idea why I am posting it….

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