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Shakira’s Offensive Pregnancy Pics of the Day

Shakira and her husband Gerard Pique, some soccer star who plays for FC Barcelona….posted these pics to promote her online baby shower…you probably heard about yesterday…but that I ignored because the whole pregnant thing has turned Shakira invisible to me…even if her breasts are small and humble and even if her hips don’t lie…I kinda wish that parasite inside her belly did…cuz looking at this shit freaks me out….in what I think is the most unnatural thing to do to yourself…even if it is the foundation of humanity and the one thing that is natural…I just can’t wrap my head around it…like I can’t wrap my head around these topless couple photoshoots people do….friends have sent me similar shit…and I have seen similar shit on facebook and it is the worst….and should be kept to themselves as a memento of what they find a beautiful thing…because they are the only one who find it a beautiful thing….

It is just on some fucking level of trailer park scrap booking…something I guess Shakira isn’t too far off from…cuz despite being rich…she’s still a latina….and latina’s notoriously do it tacky and loud….

Here are the pics if you’re into having a good laugh…

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