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Candice Swanepoel’s Dog is the Enemy of the Day


Two funny things…

The first is that Candice Swanepoel, my favorite of the Victoria’s Secret models, who my one reader gets mad at me for proclaiming my love, because I guess he never felt love before…not even for some tall, South African farm girl he’s never met…but would still be willing to sing love songs to her outside her bedroom….or chase her to the gate at the airport to say “don’t go”….brought her dog on set and he stole the show…but hiding her tits…in what makes him as bad as when you bang a girl with a dog at her house and the dog doesn’t like what you’re doing to her…..

The second funny thing is that her caption read something like “Milo Stealing all the attention at work”….making me assume she actually considers this life a job and not a meal ticket…like she legitimately thinks this is fucking working….because she’s getting paid to stand around in her underwear…and I guess it gives her purpose…or whatever…but seriously I think the definition of work..is far different than being paid to play….but I’ll still forgive her…since we’re connected at the soul and all.

For those wondering, I’m talking to you guy on twitter, Victoria’s Secret doesn’t pay my to promote their bullshit…but the should…

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