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Jourdan Dunn Hot Ass for Vogue Spain of the Day

Jourdan Dunn is a black british model who I guess is the new Naomi Campbell ….a comparison I am sure she’s never had before…one she’s probably not annoyed of…one that is probably so played out that she’d prefer to be compared to a one of the slaves George Washington knocked up….or Oprah had she not been molested and turend to emotional eating….cuz at least it isn’t being called the next Naomi Campbell…you racists…they don’t all look the same.

None of that is the point of this post…the point of this post is that she’s showing off her awesome ass and titties for fashion…cuz fashion is actually code of softcore porn…

She makes me wish black girls liked me…but I guess I fail whenever I bring up Oprah, Slavery, tap dancing, watermelon….or all other ignorant shit….when in reality she’s probably more white than me…

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  • Travis

    Either they photoshopped her hips to shit or she’s born with a birth-defect…