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Hulk Hogan Loves His Daughter Too Much and It is Amazing of the Day

Hulk Hogan, who is rumored to fuck his daughter…or at least jerk off to her, while he’s not fucking girls who look a lot like her…you know in a genetic attraction situation that happens all the time….a dad loves his daughter cuz he made like some scientist in the basement…and now society tells him he can’t fuck her…but they can’t break that love apart…not as he doesn’t touch her and just jerks off to the camera’s he’s got set up in her bathroom and bedroom….

When not filming sex tapes, he’s been photographed rubbing her erotically…and you’d think he’d pull back a bit when posting a pic celebrating her legs…..on twitter…that obviously people ripped him a new asshole for…cuz let’s face it…he’s known or at least the ongoing joke is that he lusts after his baby girl….

This was his reaction…to the uprising….

I think it’s safe to say the more positive things he has to do….is he was talking about was trying to get Brooke Pregnant…in his mind….while taking a bath…

Come on people, can’t a guy like his daughter….a little too much….

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  • Cool

    I don’t blame Hulk… if my daughter looked like Brooke I’d spy on her in the shower and jerk off as well… I just jerked off thinking about being between those sexy legs in that pic…