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Elisha Cuthbert Cleavage for Happy Endings Promo of the DAy

Montreal Hometown Hero…who is probably not really even considered from Montreal anymore….you know now that she’s been living in LA for the last 2 decades….is in some promo shots for her TV show I have never seen and didn’t know she even had…I just assumed she died….cuz I haven’t heard or seen shit about her in the last 4 years…and the last time I did hear about her she was some gutter, fat, coked up looking pig who didn’t really shower and who I assumed had given up….being Paris Hilton’s best friend does that to a person….and now she just pretends she’s one in promo shots for her show….that remind me of every girl I’ve ever picked up after a night out…only a bit better dressed…a little less scabby…..a lot less covered in puke….and a lot more alert….the hollywood version of a good old drag her in the alley for your first date good time….

All this to say….Cuthbert….a girl I was trying to stage a candle light vigil for her career at her parent’s house in flash mob awesome viral video form….is back on some Girl Next Door hotness….and here are the pics….

Remember boys and girls…spending half your 20s being a cokewhore doesn’t always ruin you….and this is the proof….

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