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Nina Agdal for Carl’s Jr of the Day

Carl’s Jr is back…this time with a fish sandwich….not the kind of fish sandwich I usually like my fame whore bikini models trying to get exposure eating….I’m more into the lesbian sex in a threesome kind of Fish Sandwich eating….

This ad, is hardly as intense as the previous ones they’ve done, sure this a behind the scenes, but I can tell it’s not gonna be awesome….and I am not just saying that cuz they used Nina Agdal….SI’s poster girl….who I assume is gonna be the cover this year….despite looking like she has downs syndrome….but maybe because she has downs syndrome in a make a wish foundation move….like she was Brooklyn Decker…back when Andy Roddick’s agents gave them no choice but to give her the cover…

She’s got a great body…and I guess when it comes to bikini models…that is what matters…

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  • Carl Jr’s is really doing a disservice to young girls by not having Nina teach them her techniques to induce the vomiting of those horrid sammiches after.