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Shanina Shaik for GQ Australia of the Day

Shanina Shaik is an Australian model…..who has done shit from being on a weird supermodel reality show that landed her a boyfriend named Tyson Beckford….and that more importantly landed her work with Victoria’s Secret….like walking their shows and being half naked in their campaigns…and now she’s strategically naked for GQ…in what is nice to look at…unless you’re a racist and all you can see is big black cock going in and out of her ass like you know it does….naughty little 22 year old is what she is….and I kinda like her for that…but that’s cuz I’m not a racist…in fact I donated money to the United Negro College Fund once….sure it was cuz someone called me a racist for making racist jokes….but it still counts….

Here she is modeling….reminding me that I like Australia….

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