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Top 5 Champagne Facial Videos of the Day

The new Harlem Shake is the champagne facial and I decided to compile a list of the top 7 or 8 but only found 5 cuz I guess it isn’t the next Harlem Shake…but with my influential touch on the world…it will be….you’re welcome Champagne facial…I just made you famous….

That said – number 5 is the best one….

5 – The Different Types of Champagne Facials….So Dirty….

4 -Some Girl On Set….. not getting a facial….but I’m counting it….

3 – Some Amateur Girl Named Kirill Getting Down in a hard to See Champagne Facial

2 – Hayden Panettiere Getting a Champagne Facial for some Show….which is better than her not getting a champagne facial….for the celebrity factor…

1 – Amazing Bottle Suckin’ Amateur

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