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Erin Heatherton Hot Behind the Scenes for GQ of the Day

Victoria’s Secret model….and Leonardo DiCaprio’s last model vagina….who I have a feeling Victoria’s Secret paid him to do for the press….not because Erin Heatherton doesn’t deserve the model fame she’s getting…she’s hot, American, fit and awesome….but because I just think there is more to the evil corporation that is Victoria’s Secret than we know….

She’s turning 24 in a few days….which means she has another year to that horrible 25 peak…that we all know life for a woman goes down hill after that point…so it’s almost as though she’s jumping into her last real “good” year….and she’s doing it well….at least according to this GQ behind the scenes video someone sent in…that could be from years ago for all I know…but that you will watch cuz she look’s banging in it….

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