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Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Breastfeeding of the Day

I know the Oscars were a week ago….I haven’t erased the memory of how boring they were…or that I bothered watching them even though I was shunned this year for my great work in sitting on the couch ripping into celebrities cuz they make more money than me in their bullshit fabricated poptart world….that is annoying, unimportant….and overpaid….

But I just saw these pics Terry Richardson posted of his Oscar party hopping, cuz he’s not a dirt bag just cuz he looks like one…in fact he’s a multi millionaire who has become an icon in fashion….and in being an icon…even if it wasn’t all that hard to pull off…he gets access….and I’m not hating…he brings the sleaze…slowly and steadily and I love sleaze….

Well out of his pics….these Orlando Bloom breast feeding, cuz you know he did after they had their kid…is pretty much my favorite…and that’s probably because Miranda Kerr is a babe and far better to look at than Borat and Seth Rogan “networking” at some mixer for the 1% who tricked their way into that horrible hollywood self involved masturbatory world…and will now produce shitty content for everyone to celebrate even if it is unoriginal recycled crap….

Here’s the Kerr pic…it calms down all my rage….

The Rest of the Pics of the Oscar Party You Aren’t Exclusive Enough to Ever Attend…. FOLLOW THIS LINK

Here she is at Good Morning America…

Here are the GMA PICS

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