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Jenna Dewan Intensely Kisses Her Trashy Mom of the Day

This almost feels weird to stare at…

I mean I guess Texan trash…even with all that Texan money has the ability to look like it just fell out of an 80s movie…with teased hair and a bad dye job…filled with corn casserole…that may be served in a mansion but where the recipe was developed back in the trailer park she grew up in…

I’d say this intense kiss is just how the family does it…making me think a paternity test is in order…cuz just cuz she says it is Channing Tatum’s doesn’t mean it is….for all we know the real daddy could be her daddy…cuz if a non lesbian pregnant woman like this gets down to momma…I just can’t imagine how a cock hungry….proven by her uterus…girl gets down with daddy….

The weirdest thing in all this is just how much it is turnin’ me on….

It’s ok to love your momma…just as long as you document it for me to masturabte to it….I grew up on 70s porn…incest was kind of a recurring theme…

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