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Whitney Cummings Drunken Ass Flash of the Day

I don’t like funny girls…especially when they aren’t funny to being with and just joke around about sucking dick and dating…..I find it some try hard bullshit that is just marketed as funny because they slept with the right person…or because they have tits….

So I’m really not into Whitney Cummings…despite the fact that people like her, think she’s great and shocking, but most importantly…think she’s hot…

It blows me away that she’s got two 2 shows running, making a ton of money, and her whole act is just obvious…

But I guess it is easy to get famous…..when you play the system properly…and by properly, I mean getting drunk and flashing her ass on social media…because at her core…she’s broken…sad…starving for attention…cuz she knows she’s a fucking hack…which makes her a little more appealing to me…despite how garbage, like a parasite on the asshole of comedy that I think she is….

If you look close enough, you can see her soul….

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  • http://drunkensteptfather Todd

    Who roofed Whitney and fucked her in the ass while she was passed out?