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Megan Fox Struggling of the Day

Hey Megan Fox….remember when you were starring in big movies and getting paid millions of dollars….because everyone wanted to fuck you…before it built up your ego, made you a cunt on set, got you blacklisted and forced you to marry and get knocked up by David from 90210 because you really wanted to secure your demise…you know if you’re crashing you might as well fly the fucking plane into something that makes the most impact….to make sure there is not chance of survival…

Well, it’s nice to see you making a comeback…starting at the fucking bottom, doing a beer campaign for Brazil…like you weren’t Megan Fox at all…but maybe a youtube star or a girl with a lot of Myspace fans…I mean seriously…this is bad…

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  • Actually, tool, she was in “This is 40”, Judd Apatow’s last flick..and she was actually pretty funny in it. Stop hating.

  • ¿ C-A-T spells cat ?